Hip Hop Jewelry Pendants

    Hip Hop Jewelry Pendants

    Hip hop, since it was first practiced, has had a significant cultural impact outside the realm of its music.

    Hip hop pendants, also known as hip hop necklaces, are large, bold, and often made with expensive materials like gold, silver, and diamonds. They typically feature intricate designs, such as symbols, emblems, and logos that reflect the wearer's personal style and beliefs. 

    Hip-hop singers like Slick Rick, Eric B. & Rakim, and LL Cool J were early champions of flashy fashion, and the 1980s saw the beginning of jewelry's rise to prominence as a fundamental component of the culture's aesthetic.

    Since the early days of hip-hop, certain jewelers have grasped the message and been able to connect to that mood themselves. As a result, they have catered to hip-burgeoning hop culture.

    Hip hop jewelry has always been a defining aspect of the hip hop culture. From oversized chains and rings to diamond-studded watches and bracelets, hip hop jewelry has evolved to become a symbol of status, wealth, and success. However, one piece of jewelry that stands out among the rest is the hip hop pendant.


    Hip hop jewelry pendants come in various types, designs, and materials. Here are some of the most popular types of hip hop jewelry pendants:

    1. Jesus piece pendant: This is one of the most iconic types of hip hop jewelry pendants. It features a portrait of Jesus Christ and is often made with gold or silver, adorned with diamonds, or other precious gems.
    2. Initial pendant: This type of hip hop pendant features the initials of the wearer. It is often made with gold or silver and is a popular way to show off one's personal style.
    3. Cross pendant: The cross pendant is a popular type of hip hop pendant and often features a bold, oversized design. It symbolizes faith and is often adorned with diamonds or other precious gems.
    4. Angel wing pendant: This type of pendant features the wings of an angel and is often made with gold, silver, or platinum. It symbolizes protection and guidance, and is a popular choice among hip hop artists.
    5. Medallion pendant: The medallion pendant is a large, round pendant often made with gold, silver, or platinum. It can feature various designs, such as logos, symbols, or portraits.
    6. Dog tag pendant: The dog tag pendant is a popular type of hip hop pendant that is shaped like a military dog tag. It is often made with gold, silver, or platinum and is a popular way for hip hop artists to show off their personal style.
    7. Custom pendant: Custom hip hop pendants are designed to reflect the personal style and beliefs of the wearer. They can feature any design, symbol, or logo and are often adorned with diamonds or other precious gems.


      Hip Hop Pendants are an important part of jewelry. Hip hop pendants are totally iced out and worn as a centerpiece of your outfit. You can see the famous hip hop stars such as Jay-Z, Birdman, P Diddy, Kanye West and others rock flashy pendants and jewelry. These diamond pendants can cost as much as $100,000 a piece.

      Thankfully JulriBox offers a full line of hundreds of hip hop pendants covered in "ice" for next to nothing. By using less expensive materials, we offer you a hip hop pendant that shines like a real one but for pennies on the dollar. JulriBox.com buys in huge volume to bring you the low prices to keep you shining for less. Please check our vast selection of Pendants here and Custom Pendants collections here.


      It's common knowledge that hip hop pendants are strongly associated with rap music and the lifestyle it represents.

      Hip hop pendants have been popularized by hip hop artists and rappers who wear them as a statement of their identity and culture. They are often seen in music videos, concerts, and other events where hip hop is celebrated. In fact, some hip hop artists have become famous for their signature pendant designs, which have become as iconic as their music.

      One of the most famous hip hop pendants is the Jesus piece, which has been worn by many hip hop artists, including Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Nas. The Jesus piece is a large, gold or silver pendant featuring a portrait of Jesus Christ. It symbolizes faith, spirituality, and the struggle for social justice, which are all themes that resonate with hip hop culture.

      Another popular hip hop pendant is the angel wing pendant. It is a symbol of protection, guidance, and strength, which are all important values in hip hop culture. Many hip hop artists wear angel wing pendants to show that they are guided by a higher power and to signify their resilience and strength.

      Hip hop pendants are also a popular way for artists to pay homage to their hometown or personal history. For instance, the Brooklyn Bridge pendant is a popular choice among rappers from Brooklyn, while the "D" pendant is often worn by rappers from Detroit.


      In addition to their aesthetic appeal, hip hop pendants have also become a symbol of wealth and success. Many hip hop artists wear expensive pendants adorned with diamonds and other precious gems to showcase their success and status. This has led to the creation of a whole subculture of hip hop jewelry collectors, who invest in rare and expensive hip hop pendants.

      In conclusion, hip hop pendants are more than just pieces of jewelry; they are symbols of identity, culture, and success. From Jesus pieces to angel wings, hip hop pendants offer a unique way for artists and fans to express themselves and showcase their beliefs. Whether you're a fan of hip hop or just appreciate bold and unique jewelry designs, hip hop pendants are a must-have accessory.

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