Men’s Pearl Necklace, Accessory You Need

    Men’s Pearl Necklace, Accessory You Need

    Male beauty standards are constantly changing and for years Western society has dictated that accessories should only be worn by women.

    This is reflected in high street fashion – where jewelry was usually only available in women's fashion stores and accordingly marketed towards the female gender. But the men's pearl necklace is everywhere these days.

    This proves the transience of fashion, as a quick look at history shows that in the past, men wore a wide variety of jewelry for symbolic and purely decorative reasons.

    For example, kings often had expensive gems sewn into their clothes or wore pearls and other jewelry to portray their wealth, while the Renaissance saw a fashion trend for men's earrings. Men's jewelry can even be traced back to the Stone Age, when they wore designs derived from and created from natural materials, such as necklaces containing animal teeth.


    Indeed, history has proven that accessories have no gender and should satisfy everyone.

    Fortunately, this is starting to happen and an increasing number of men are challenging societal expectations and gender stereotypes by experimenting with different looks and expressing themselves through jewelry and fashion.

    To celebrate, we're dedicating this blog to the classic pearl necklace, exploring its growing popularity among men and its resurgence in the fashion world. We'll look at some of the most frequently asked questions about pearl necklaces for men - why they're popular, and how to style them.

    Pearls are becoming more and more popular in the world of men's fashion.

    This can be attributed to the efforts of former One Direction band member Harry Steele, who wore the iconic pearl necklace for his album press tour a few years ago, accessorizing directly and wearing a single pearl earring when he attended. at the famous Met Gala 2019.

    These styles are known for their individual fashion sense that challenges gender stereotypes and inspires men and women who want to experiment with how they look. It is also a good example of how pearls can look great on men and become an important detail in the final outfit.


    Pearl necklaces are one of the most classic pieces of jewelry out there—and have been worn by many demographics for centuries. From royalty to casual men and women, freshwater and imitation pearls are featured in rings, clasps, bracelets and earrings.

    Although it is often associated with women's fashion, it is not uncommon for men to wear it as well, and they can actually complement men's clothing. Wearing things outside of your comfort zone can be incredibly liberating, and when you accept that jewelry is genderless, your wardrobe can expand significantly and allow you to be more creative with your outfits.

    In conclusion, pearl necklaces for men are a classic and sophisticated accessory that can add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Whether worn with a suit and tie or with a casual outfit, a pearl necklace can elevate a man's style and showcase his appreciation for timeless fashion. With so many styles and customization options available, there is a pearl necklace for every man's taste and style.


    If you've been inspired to buy a pearl necklace, consider this a sign to start looking for the piece of your dreams! Checkout our Pearls – the New Essential collection.

    However, you should consider the type you want before you shop. There are many different designs, each with its own details, craftsmanship and decoration. From chunky necklaces to subtler, more detailed pieces - it's useful to consider what style you want and how it fits into your existing wardrobe.

    They also come in different prices depending on the brand or job. If you don't know where to start, you can narrow down the options by creating a budget and start the process of elimination from there. Consider whether you want something affordable or whether you'd rather invest in a piece that will last for years to come.


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