Rope Chains: Everything You Need To Know

    Rope Chains: Everything You Need To Know

    A rope chain is a chain characterized by a unique twist pattern and an appearance that resembles real rope. A chain is made up of hundreds of tiny links that form a thread pattern. The chain itself reflects light very well and shines at any angle, making it one of the better types of chains. This makes rope chain necklaces one of the most popular types of chains. The rope chain is very strong and durable due to its link structure.

    Rope chain necklaces were popularized by golden era rap groups in the Hip Hop community such as RUN D.M.C and Eric B. & Rakim.

    Thick rope chains from 3mm+ are great as statement pieces and worn alone. Subtle variations are great for pendants because they offer durability and strength to support the weight of the pendant, even for layers and other chains.


    1. A common misconception is that rope chain necklaces are made of individual threads that have just been woven together, this is not the case.
    2. Rope necklaces are made up of hundreds of individual links strung together to create a rope-like chain effect. Here is a basic overview of how to make a chain necklace.
    3. It starts with melting the desired metal for the rope chain. These can be precious metals such as silver or gold or non-precious metals such as stainless steel. It depends on your personal preference.
    4. The metal pieces are then slowly thinned by specialist machines and equipment, creating very long and thin metal shapes.
    5. The metal wire is then covered with thick wire to form a spiral.
    6. The spiral metal is then cut from one side to form a special link.
    7. Each individually shaped metal link is placed on the blade and pressed down to open the link. Round nose pliers are often used for this.
    8. Each c-shaped link is welded parallel and flush with each other and heated with a blow torch to bond together.
    9. For the third c-shaped link, the link is connected to the first link instead of the second link.
    10. The fourth link is then passed through the first two links to join, the process is repeated and c links are successively added.
    11. The connections are joined and soldered together once the length of chain is required.
    12. Jewelers will usually add a clasp to the wire chain, the most common being a lobster clasp.
    13. All chains are then heated and acidified.
    14. The chain is then sent to wash.


    Rope chains are some of the longest and most durable chains and can last for years without needing maintenance or repairs. However, the strength of your chain links will depend on several factors.

    Hollow link wire chains are generally more durable and heavier than solid link chains. Another consideration is that the metal material that rope chain necklaces are made of is more durable compared to stainless steel wire chains, such as sterling silver and solid gold. The last factor that determines the strength of a rope chain is its thickness, a 2mm rope chain is easier to drop and break than a 3mm or 5mm rope chain.


    A rope chain necklace is a super classic and beautiful chain. Rope chains do not break or break as easily as other types and can withstand very heavy hanging weights. Additionally, these chains come in a variety of sizes, lengths, and colors (silver, gold, rose gold) to match any pendant or outfit. That's why we believe rope chains are one of the best chains for pendants. 


    Rope chains are one type of chain that will never go out of style. Even in 2023, this chain is still loved and used by many.

    Rope chain is a must-have even in 2023 because of its versatility and ability to match all outfits. This chain is still the most popular type of chain necklace.


    Soft chains, which contain either link chains or omega chains, will swell, swell and contract when lying down. The slightest movement and pressure while sleeping will cause irreparable damage to the chain.

    One of the advantages of rope chain necklaces is that they never fade. Even though the rope chain has been bent to the broken position, the chain still does not snap. This makes the chain perfect to wear while sleeping.


    1. Add mild dish soap to a bowl of hot water, stir and lather the solution.
    2. Then dip in the solution with a soft toothbrush and scrub the ropes to remove lint and dirt.
    3. After washing the rope chain, rinse the chain in warm water.
    4. Then put the rope chain out to air dry or dry with a paper towel.


    A broken wire chain can be taken to a jeweler for repair, and a brief description of how to repair it once you've sent it.

    They will cut the broken end of the chain with an end cutter until they have two clean ends.
    Then they will cut their ends with a chisel, making a gap of half a millimeter between the joints at both ends.
    Most jewelers will then try to solder the two ends together.

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