Moissanite Tennis Bracelet | Moissanite Tennis Chain | Moissanite Tennis Bracelet 3mm

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    Gem Color: Silver

    Gem Color

    Ships From: United States

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    Length|Metal Color: 8in Bracelet|8mm-2ct

    Length|Metal Color

    Moissanite Tennis Bracelet is a piece of jewelry that features a high-quality synthetic gemstone that resembles a diamond. Moissanite is a lab-created gemstone that has a similar brilliance, fire, and durability to natural diamonds, but it is a more affordable option.

    VVS1 refers to the clarity of the Moissanite, with VVS1 being one of the highest clarity grades available. It means that the Moissanite has very few inclusions (internal flaws) visible under 10x magnification, making it appear nearly flawless to the naked eye.


    • Material: 18K Gold/Silver Plated with CZ Stones
    • Chain Length: various sizes


    • This is a custom piece that will be ready to ship in 1-2 business days.
    • Once it ships, expect delivery within:
    • USA: 3-7 business days
    • All Others: 7-15 business days 

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